It all started when...

Lauren Carter and Yasmine Staub are best friends who met by chance at an annual masquerade ball in the Hollywood Hills.  The two hit it off, finding they both were obsessed with all things from the 60’s - guitars, records players, flowers, lace, and female empowerment. The seed was planted that lead the two to create a lingerie line that encompassed these ideals, forming A Summer of Love.  They collaborate on every aspect of the fashion line, including modeling for shoots and photographing each other.  Their launch in October made international headlines when the brand’s lingerie ads were banned from Facebook and the Facebook page was subsequently pulled from public viewing, then later restored after fan outcry.

Based in Los Angeles, the two BFFs continue to develop their fashion which caters to the ‘A Summer of Love Girl’ who is young, creative, musically-inclined, free spirited, and independent.  Their brand features affordable, beach-inspired lingerie, jumpsuits, dresses, lace crop tops and other attire. 

Both Lauren and Yasmine are women of talent, being models and singer/songwriters.  Yasmine is from Perth, Australia, having lived and worked as a model in Australia, Paris, London, and Los Angeles. She has appeared in Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, working with top agencies such as Next Model Management. Lauren is originally from Chicago, Illinois, having lived and worked in London and Los Angeles. She began her modeling with Ford Models and has appeared in Maxim, GQ, and Esquire.

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